Buyers & Sellers of real estate, develop funding for the Charities that inspire you ...

Registration with CARES Referrals for Charities (c)   ensures that any Realtor & Real Estate Company that you select

to assist you with your purchase or sale, will be required to provide referral compensation to CARES

from the commissions they receive for assisting you with your purchase or sale of real estate.

CARES then donates 90% of the net referral funding to Charities

register with CARES Referrals for Charities (c)



Thank you for registering with CARES ...

The decision that you have made to register in the CARES Referral for Charities (c) program

will provide your preferred Charities with exceptional funding to $5,500.00

One of our representatives will contact you by email to confirm your registration

and to provide you with the 3 documents that direct & establish your referral as a CARES Client

to any Realtor & Real Estate Company that you select