CHARITIES VOLUNTEERS receive direct access to a Charities funding innovation 

designed to make a real difference. CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR AMERICA

offers Charities Volunteers unlimited opportunities to develop funding to $5,500.00 for their preferred Charities

for every Buyer & Seller registration & referral that they initiate simply by presenting the

CARES Referrals for Charities (c) ​ program to their friends, families, coworkers

or anyone that is planning the purchase or sale of real estate.​

CHARITIES VOLUNTEERS present the CARES Referrals for Charities (c)  program advantages

answer questions, assist Buyers & Sellers complete the CARES Registration & Charities Donation Directives,

 and follow the progress of their Buyers & Sellers​ through their purchase or sale of real estate.​

CHARITIES VOLUNTEERS have unlimited opportunities to direct 25% of the

CARES Charities Donations that are developed through the real estate transactions of the Buyers & Sellers

that they have registered, to their preferred Charities. Charities Volunteers also have opportunities

to request that the Buyers & Sellers that they have registered, that have no preferred Charities,

direct their CARES Charities Donation authorization of 50% to the Charities

that are advocated by their Charities Volunteers.


Charities Volunteer Advocates provide support services to Charities Volunteers,

Buyers & Sellers and Realtors in their communities, facilitating their interaction through the real estate closing,

to ensure that the CARES Referrals for Charities (c) program results in real estate purchases & sales

that are completed for the benefit of our Buyers & Sellers and Charities.

Charities Volunteers that want to be involved in the entire Charities development process

should contact CHARITIES FUNDING PARTNERSHIPS or CARES operations administrators to request

appointment as Charities Volunteer Advocates within their communities.